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20 April 2015
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As jobs are getting fewer ,people are stepping up and trying to make money by starting their own small business. If you are a small business holder here are a few tips that could keep your company afloat .

  1. Don’t over spend: Cut out all luxury expenses We get comfortable justifying many expenses in our business that are not operational critical and can be either completely eliminated, differed for a future date or cut back.
  2. Improve efficiency: Always try to improve the operation in any way possible ..make it quicker,faster, and get it to the client,but don’t neglect the quality.
  3. Advertise : There are many forums available for you to do this on especially with all the social apps like Facebook,Twitter,Newspapers,fliers and many more.
  4. Cement every client relationship: Be hands on when it comes to dealing with your clients ,being one on one with them creates better Buyer/Seller relations.
  5. Owner / Worker relations : If you are a small business it helps to maintain a good relationship with your workers because then things get done with out always butting heads with everyone and allows things to flow without stress.
  6. Taking calls: We are in the age of Recessions and strikes so if a potential client calls you it may be best to answer the phone and always be reachable as business means money.
  7. Website related: If your company has a web site the best bet it to try keep it fresh and user friendly because you know how you would react if you go to a website and you have no clear idea on where to look for items .
  8. All about sacrifice: mindset is knowing that certain personal or financial sacrifices will need to be made along the way in order to achieve your dream.
  9. Mental: You have to prepare your mind Of course, skills, actions and good old-fashioned luck are also important factors, but it all begins with the right frame of mind. If your a small business owner you are going to have ups and downs so we hope that the above golden rules will help your company to stay afloat and grow into something great.
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Скачать шаблон Joomla с JooMix.org
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